Project Description

Lakeside Podiatry

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Nichols Construction Team is delighted to have undertaken a comprehensive renovation project to transform the new space and office of Lakeside Podiatry. Our dedicated team meticulously executed the following upgrades:

  • Demolition of two existing offices
  • Installation of new flooring, enhancing two-thirds of the total space
  • Reworking of the ceiling grid and lighting to seamlessly align with the new layout
  • Strategic relocation of sprinkler heads for optimal safety
  • Adjustment of an office door for improved functionality
  • Enclosure of the fire alarm panel within a new closet in the storage room
  • Application of fog to all patient room windows and sidelights to ensure privacy
  • Thorough patching and painting throughout the facility
  • Craftsmanship in building a custom 12’ x 17’ receptionist desk tailored for two physicians
  • Installation of a new vanity and sink in the bathroom

Our Teams commitment to precision and attention to detail has resulted in a beautiful and functional space for Lakeside Podiatry.

Project Manager – Matt Szczepanski

Forman – Alex Proctor

Tradesman – Mike Borrelli

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