Project Description

Klein Steel

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Klein Steel selected us to design and construct their new 158,000 sq ft steel manufacturing and processing facility.  We provided subsequent expansions that brought the facility to 195,000 square feet. Unique characteristics included:

  • Remediation of a brownfield site requiring detailed removal protocols and exacting specifications for fill and substrate compactions
  • Large increase of electric power availability requiring new local services upgrades. An incentive package was negotiated resulting in a 60% savings to the cost of service upgrades
  • An automated steel component retrieval system was installed requiring massive foundation and structural considerations.
  • Crane configurations up to 20 tons were incorporated into the building structural systems.
  • Drive-thru loading/unloading allowed for complete indoor processing with cranes.

This facility was named to Industry Week magazine’s 2011 Top 10 manufacturing facilities in the United States.

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