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Legacy of Excellence

Hall of Distinction


Dave Wickman

Master of Site Development and Team Collaboration

Dave, whose tenure with Nichols Construction Team spanned over three decades until his retirement at the end of 2023, was an instrumental figure in the company’s success, particularly in the realm of site development. Joining the team in 1991 with a solid background as a heavy equipment operator, Dave quickly distinguished himself as an expert in overseeing the comprehensive aspects of site preparation and development.

His collaboration with site engineers from the project’s inception ensured that every phase of site development was executed flawlessly. Dave’s oversight extended to critical components such as the installation of parking lots, and storm, water, and sanitary piping systems, not to mention his crucial role in ensuring quality control during backfilling operations. His adeptness also shone through in assisting with the installation of cast-in-place concrete, showcasing his versatile skill set and deep understanding of construction processes.

A leader in every sense, Dave managed the Equipment, Tool, and Inventory Management Team, enhancing the productivity and efficiency of these vital resources. His organizational prowess, combined with his hands-on experience and ability to motivate his team, resulted in the preparation of superior sites and the completion of high-quality, cost-effective installations, often within challenging project timelines.

Recognized for his expertise, Dave earned the designation of Certified Tilt-Up Technician from the American Concrete Institute (ACI), underscoring his commitment to excellence and continuous professional development. His involvement in several high-profile and challenging projects—including but not limited to eHealth, FedEx Ground, and Klein Steel—highlights his significant contributions to the field and to Nichols Construction Team’s portfolio of success.

Dave’s philosophy that “Coordination is the key to a Nichols project” epitomizes his approach to construction management. His dedication to ensuring seamless teamwork and communication underscored his belief in the collective effort to exceed customer expectations, making every project not just a job but a mission to achieve customer satisfaction and deliver real value.

In celebrating Dave’s tenure with us, we recognize the indelible impact of his work on Nichols Construction Team and the construction industry at large. His legacy is not just in the projects he helped bring to fruition but in the culture of teamwork, excellence, and customer-centric service he fostered within our organization. Dave’s career is a testament to the profound influence one individual can have through dedication, expertise, and the drive to bring out the best in every team.