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Legacy of Excellence

Hall of Distinction


Brad Nichols

A Founding Visionary and Innovator in Facility Solutions

Brad Nichols was a Founding Officer of The Nichols Team.  He left an indelible mark on both our organization and the construction industry at large. From the company’s inception in 1983, Brad’s visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence propelled Nichols Construction Team to the forefront of the construction and development sector.

Armed with an A.A.S. Degree in Construction Technology from the State University of New York at Delhi, Brad’s educational pursuits did not end upon entering the professional realm. His dedication to continuous learning and development—both for himself and for Nichols Construction Team—was instrumental in elevating our service and value to customers to unparalleled heights. Brad’s forward-thinking approach ensured that our team remained at the cutting edge of facility solutions, consistently delivering innovative, diverse, and highly regarded services.

His contributions extended beyond technical innovations. Brad’s dedication to total customer satisfaction has been a cornerstone of The Nichols Team’s philosophy, earning us a reputation as one of the most respected builders and development firms in the Northeastern United States. This commitment to excellence and customer-centric approach was recognized when Brad was named to the “40 Under 40” list by the Rochester Business Journal, a testament to his professional achievements and civic contributions.

Brad Nichols’ foundational influence and transformative impact remain a beacon of inspiration to us today. His pioneering spirit, dedication to innovation, and commitment to community and customer service continue to guide our path forward. Brad’s legacy is not just in the buildings we construct but in the standards of excellence, innovation, and integrity he instilled in every facet of our work.