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Jaden Miller

Project Superintendent

Jaden Miller joined Nichols Construction Team in 2018, bringing with him an extraordinary breadth of expertise and a dynamic career that spans over two decades. Before stepping into the role of Superintendent at Nichols, Jaden honed his skills in the HVAC field for 15 years. His journey is characterized by a deep and diverse knowledge base in plumbing, electrical systems, heating, cooling, and process piping, making him a cornerstone of our project superintendent team.

Since assuming his role as Superintendent, Jaden has successfully spearheaded numerous projects, including:

• Fieldtex
• Valley Manor
• Amazon of Syracuse
• D’Aurizio
• Mersen penthouse and new machine space
• Complete Payroll
• Harley School Storage Facility

His leadership on these projects showcases not only his exceptional technical abilities but also his strategic approach to on-site construction supervision.

Beyond the construction site, Jaden is a dedicated father to a five-year-old boy, who is the center of his world. His commitment to community service is evident in his 20-year tenure as a volunteer firefighter with the Cheshire Volunteer Fire Department, demonstrating his dedication to giving back and ensuring safety beyond the workplace.

Jaden’s interests outside work are as varied and vibrant as his professional achievements. An avid golfer, enthusiastic four-wheeler, skilled pyrotechnics maker, and passionate hunter, he embraces a life full of adventure and creativity.

A quirky highlight in Jaden’s trove of accomplishments is his title as the former rock throwing champion of Bullfrog, North Dakota—a testament to his competitive spirit and unique talents.

Jaden’s journey from an experienced craftsman in HVAC to a leading Superintendent at Nichols reflects his relentless pursuit of excellence, innovation, and community involvement. His multifaceted skills, combined with a personal dedication to his family and hobbies, make him an integral and cherished member of the Nichols team.